A unique outdoor escape game in Prague’s streets - The secret of the Illuminati

A unique outdoor escape game in Prague’s streets.

The secret of the Illuminati

The ancient secret fraternity, known as the Illuminati, the most powerful organization ever on this earth, emerged from the shadows to bring about the consequences of legendary revenge against the most hated enemy – the Catholic Church!

Join forces with a mysterious monk, an expert in symbolism, and help unravel the mysterious symbols and objects that, according to legend, connect the four elements – Water, Air, Earth, Fire and lead the path of enlightenment to the secret hiding place of the Illuminati – the Temple of Enlightenment.

After registering for the mission, a secret person will search for you. So don’t forget your ticket to the world of secret symbols … the answer to the question „Illuminatis?“ – „Quaere Et Inveni“

Unique outdoor experience.


With us, you don’t play on an app or a phone
Use interesting gadgets and tools found during your adventure and solve real puzzles.


Discover the Secret Path of Illumination
Explore Old Town Prague in a unique and unforgettable way.


Learn about the secret society of the Illuminati
The game is based on a lot of research of the Illuminati and Prague’s altars of science.


Our game is designed to be exciting and fun
You have 120 minutes to solve the mystery and find the Church of Illumination.

Testimony of adventurers.

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2 - 3 adventurers

1200 CZK /approx. € 48

4 - 6 adventurers

1475 CZK /approx. € 59

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