A unique outdoor escape game in Prague’s streets - The secret of the Illuminati

A unique outdoor escape game and team building in Prague’s streets.

Get to know Prague from a different angle

The ancient secret brotherhood, known as the Illuminati, built a legendary and mysterious path of enlightenment in Prague, full of pitfalls and exciting revelations. Use this unique opportunity for your team building activity and get to know

  • Charles Bridge,

  • the Jewish Quarter,

  • the Old New Synagogue,

  • Golem,

  • the Astronomical Clock,

  • and the Old Town Square

from a different angle. They will never be the same again.

Our game is designed to strengthen your teamwork, getting to know your colleagues and the city better while having fun and laughs all at the same time.

Unite forces with us and help us decipher mysterious symbols, use unusual methods, procedures and objects that, according to legend, lead to the mysterious headquarters of the Illuminati – Temple of Enlightenment.

Our team building activity starts at the Charles Bridge, takes place entirely in the Old Town of Prague and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Original teambuilding in the scenery of Prague streets.


With us, you don’t play on an app or a phone
Use interesting gadgets and tools found during your adventure and solve real puzzles.


Discover the Secret Path of Illumination
Explore Old Town Prague in a unique and unforgettable way.


Experience something new in Prague
The game is based on a lot of research.


Our teambuilding is designed to be exciting and fun
You have 90 minutes to solve the mystery and find the Church of Illumination.


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Kudyznudy.cz - Tips on trips
Kudyznudy.cz - Tips on trips
Prague City Tourism
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Testimony of adventurers.



1 team

2 – 6 members

4 900 CZK

w/o VAT (Approx. 209 EUR)

2 teams

7 – 12 members

8 900 CZK

w/o VAT (Approx. 379 EUR)

3 teams

13 – 18 members

11 900 CZK

w/o VAT (Approx. 507 EUR)

4 teams

19 – 24 members

14 900 CZK

w/o VAT (Approx. 620 EUR)