Is it a treasure hunt? A scavenger hunt? An escape room?

It’s a mix of all three. You use interesting gadgets and tools and solve real puzzles just like in an escape room but you are not locked in a room, rather surrounded by statues and building of the Old Town Prague. Our game allows you to learn some interesting facts and notice very interesting details.

Is it an app?

No app, no phone. It is a real life game experience.

How long does it take?

You have maximum 2 hours to unravel the mystery. The more talented teams (that means you!) will solve the mystery in approximately 90 minutes.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will refund any booking 100% if you decide to cancel up to 24 hours before the start time.

How fun it is?

Check out our reviews!

What is the price?

2 – 6 members (1 team) 4 900 CZK without VAT,
7 – 12 members (2 teams) 8 900 CZK without VAT,
13 – 18 members (3 teams) 11 900 CZK without VAT,
19 – 24 members (4 teams) 14 900 CZK without VAT.
No other hidden fees.

Where does it takes place?

The game starts nearby the Charles bridge and takes you through the Old Town of Prague. There is a legendary Path of Illumination waiting for you to discover. Along the way you will learn interesting facts about the secret society of Illuminati, mythical altars of science, ambigrams but also some historical details and facts.

How much walking do games entail?

1.5 km, about 15 minutes of walking.

How do we meet?

You will receive an email with all the instruction, where exactly and what time.

Will we be playing with people we don’t know?

No, we don’t mix strangers.

What if the weather is really, really terrible?

We have ponchos and umbrellas if needed and from our experience, it is just fine for our players. It is an adventure after all. Of course, if the weather is particularly horrible we won’t force you to play in the rain and we’ll happily issue a refund.

How do I book?

Just click here.

Get in touch.

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