How it works?

Our unique and fun experience can be tailored to enhance any occasion, whether it’s a dinner experience, conference, sales meeting, company party, or retreat. We can adjust to your specific needs and add that extra spark to make it truly extraordinary.

If you’re looking for an indoor team building activity, we can bring our experienced guides/actors to your office or any chosen location. They will come dressed in historical costumes and create a fantastic atmosphere, sparking the occasion with their energy and storytelling. Our guides/actors will bring all the necessary gadgets and immerse your team in an engaging and interactive experience.

We can provide a break from the usual routine by offering a unique activity that encourages team bonding and creativity. Our experienced guides/actors will captivate your audience and create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Our activities are designed to entertain and engage your employees, leaving them with lasting memories and a stronger sense of camaraderie. We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable moments for our clients and ensuring every occasion is memorable and enjoyable.

Our game is designed to be a cross between an indoor treasure hunt and an escape room, allowing you to virtually explore the streets and monuments of the Old Town of Prague, even on a cold, rainy day. The game can be played as a single team or with multiple teams in a competitive setting.

It typically takes around 60 minutes to complete. Each team member will receive a personalized invitation to the secret brotherhood and a small present as a reward for your successful participation.

If desired, we can provide feedback on teamwork within the teams to enhance collaboration and communication skills.

It is an excellent tool to:

  • Introduce employees working together on a project
  • Emphasize team building skills at a formal training session

  • Provide a break at a conference or convention

  • Reward a department for the successful completion of a project

  • Acquaint participants with the history, geography and resources of a location

  • Enliven social gatherings

  • Introduce your visit from abroad to famous Prague monuments virtually

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